New Delta-8 infused products have been shown to help to the next level with better sleep, pain relief, Anxiety control, Stress relief. Perfect for Veteran's dealing with PTSD as well. Also, we are helping many individuals in dealing with Opioid addiction, while giving them the help attempting to rid themselves of this trying addiction.

Delta-8 Moon Rocks

400MG CBD/ 80MG. 


Comes in 2 sizes:

 2 Grams

3.5 Grams 

CBG Moon Rocks 27.1%

2 Grams


 Two Strains:

Jazzy & Desert Snow

Delta-8 Loaded Cartridges

1 MIL Pre-loaded Cartridges with 89% Purity


Four Strains:

 Blue Dream, Lemon Diesel, Grand Daddy Purple, & Train Wreck

Delta-8 Pre-rolled Blunts

1 Gram

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